Sunday, March 19, 2006

Baby's first mudbath...

I've been blessed by some nice sunny days of late!

As you can see from the pics above, the Paint Creek Trail is still a little wet. Quite wet, actually. But rideable.

With Tom coming down with "bronchitus" (right Tom) Art picked up the torch and led a small contingent on a ride up the PCT to some back roads around Lake Orion he calls the 4 corners. Great ride. Long spin to get warmed up, then some nice climbs on the back roads. Nothing too punishing, though (if you discount the crazy washboarded roads. At one point I bunny hopped a particularly nasty water filled pot hole, only to find a large crater on the other side, followed by another, and another.... It was bad for me, but worse for Erin who was behind me drafting and didn't see a thing until I was about bouncing off my bike.)

Final tally:
28 Miles
2:18 hrs/mins

The relaxed pace and lack of severe climbs was welcomed as I've just completed a 190 mile week. May not be a lot compared to the race crazed around here, but it's a ton more miles than I've put in this early in the year, and I'm proud of it.

Going back to work this week (excuse me while I sob uncontrollably.) I suspect I'll not see the bike as much. I need to do some work on it tomorrow night at the shop, then I'll probably spin the geared bike on Tuesday. The rest of the week is up in the air.

So if the sun is shinnin', get your ass out and ride!



Blogger Alden said...

WOW! 190 miles this past week?! way to go man!

19/3/06 7:01 PM  

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