Monday, October 16, 2006

PSSWC 2006

Hell(riders) Yeah!

PSSWC 2006 was a blast. I wasn't even riding a single speeder last year for this event, but I heard how much fun everyone had, so I was eager to check it out this year..

Most of us staged in the parking lot at Hudson Mills Metro Park. I was running late as usual, but just managed to meet up with the entire group under the N. Territorial bridge over the Huron. Jajones gave his instruction, we got our tiles, and we were off on a short "parade" to the trail head. The Chief explained that this ride was what you wanted to make of it. If a race was what you were hankerin' for, then once we hit the trail, you could put the hammer down. Otherwise, you could make a social day of it. Despite the likes of Lummis, Q, and the Chief himself in the lead group, I decided for the former.

Running a taller gear than I've ever run at Poto, I was concerned for the first couple climbs. Add to that about 45 other single speed junkies trying to scraggle their way up those two bastards, and it was challanging to say the least. I had a small slip requiring a quick run up to the top, and I was back off to the races. I traded spots with a guy named Dan for a while. I think he was running a smaller gear, and slowed a bit on the climbs, so I asked to pass going into the Hills of Hell, and put a little space on him.

I eventually caught up with the Chief himself. Since the Keg of Jolly Pumpkin Bam Beire was in his truck, not to be freed until he finished, I figured I'd found just the right spot.. :D We rode together, also trading spots, for another few miles. We shared the trail that day with a butt load of Boy Scouts out for a fall colors hike. On my two very favorite down hills, we had to slow for the gaggle of scouts we encountered. I was still able to put a little bit of air under the tires off some of the water bar drops, so all was not lost! We were eventually caught up by another rider, possibly Dan, not sure.

All along my ride was feeling a little squirly. Just now and again it seemed to shimy a little more than it should out of a corner. But now, pushing to stay ahead of the two nuts on my tail, I could feel the fker really start to wander all over.. I mean it felt like the thing was dog tracking down the trail at points. I kept looking down at my rear tire, sure that it was flat. But not only did it look good, but root confimed there was pleanty o' O2 in there.

So I pulled over to inspect, letting the Chief and guest go.. Didn't take long to see this:

So, may day was done (the riding part, anyway.) All that was left was the walkin'.. Took just shy of an hour to get back to the parking lot (and the BEER!) There was lot's o' sympathy, and much head scratchin'.. In the end, I'm sure I'll get a new frame from Soul Cycles, just not in time for Iceman. =(

So, Wednesday I'll be pickin' up a Bianchi P.U.S.S. from Keving P, that crazy fixie kid.




Blogger Robert said...

Bummer about that cracked frame...

But yeah, you should end up with a nice shiny new bike after the warranty process.

Glad to hear Kevin is setting you up for iceman.

19/10/06 2:36 PM  

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