Monday, November 20, 2006

Nothing to Report

Not much goin' on here. I was just perusing some new (to me) blogs, and felt like, well, blogging.

Saturday I managed to get out for a lap at PLRA. The weather was pretty nice, and the trail was in great shape, save for a few wet corners. I let myself use the excuse of still having my Iceman gear on to get off and walk part of the 2 mile climb. I'd already pulled out of my cleats once on the bottom of the climb, so after the rocky hairpin, I jumped off and walked a bit. Very liberating. ;)

The rest of the ride was a blast. I'm still amazed at the worlds of difference b/t the aluminum bar and fork I was running on the Hooligan, and the carbon bar and steel fork on the P.U.S.S. It's, as Paula would say, "like butta!"

Saturday night was a little less plesant. However, this has to do with my infantesmal way of dealing with sports losses, and not with the company I was in. Went to a party to watch the UM vs. OSU game. Unfortunately , the UM defence stayed home in A2 this weekend. The first half saw good pressure on OSU's QB, but that was short lived. Being a UM Alum, I get really worked up for this game. I was a real sour puss after the loss, so I left early.

Sunday. Glorious Sunday. I haven't had a "sit around the house" day like Sunday in ages. I was thinking of making my first trip to Ray's, but lacking funds to drive solo, I decided to stay home. Slept late, and spent the day trying to knock out some projects that had been on my list for some time. Unfortunately I didn't get that much accomplished, but I did lay the groundwork for finally getting a website up to display my wedding photography to potential clients and employers. Look for more on that soon!

Well, that's quite a bit to say for a post titled "Nothing to report".. hmmm.. I'll have to work on my titles.

Oh, and those blogs I was reading? They're not bad, check'em out....

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