Monday, October 30, 2006

in absentia

well, it never fails.

this time of year rolls around, and I say I'm going to stay on the bike, keep up the training, yada yada yada..

I'm lucky to get on the bike twice in a week. Nice days like we had yesterday end up getting relagated to those must do's before the cold really sets in.

so sunday was spent organizing the garage. my folks had dumped a bunch of their stuff in the garage, as they're trying to sell the house.. they got most of it moved to more permanent storage, but some of it was left for me to use. mostly some cabinets to add storage. but for the last several weeks they've sat in the place normally occupied by my car. with the snow just around the corner, that had to change.

so I took advantage of the sun and nice temps to empty the garage, and put things back in some semblance of order. the car is snug in it's home again, and I've got the workings of a nice bike workshop as soon as I get the tools organized and workspaces cleared.

and I guess I don't feel too guilty.. I don't really have a bike to neglect right now, but I want to rock the iceman! so gotta put a few more miles in!!

oops.. there's the 5 o'clock wistle.. I'm outta heeeeeeeerrrree...



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