Sunday, November 05, 2006

2006 Results

3rd Place Sport SS Yankee Springs TT
My first time trial. This was a great race. It was a little wet, and lot of folks were crashing. My goal, keep the rubber side down.

3rd Place 12 hr Solo SS 12 Hours of Addison Oaks
What a mudfest. I'll never do that again!

2nd Place 4 person mixed 24 Hours of Boyne
3 single speeders (on of them a woman) and a geary not only finished 2nd in the 4 person mixed, but second over all 4 person teams. Period.

2nd Place Sport SS Pontiac Lake TT (NORBA)
My first chance to race on my home course. Of course the skies opened up right before our class start. Missed my first win by seconds! Still a great race.

2nd Place Sport SS Stoney Marathon (NORBA)
Wow. Hot! Long... It was all I could do to hang on.

3rd Place Sport SS Big M (NORBA)
Ugh... Utter disappointment. I thought I was leading the whole race. With less than a few miles to go I'm caught by a teammate, and I'm totally gassed. We were both beatin' by someone I never saw!

1st Place Sport SS Pontiac Lake XC - (NORBA)
My fist WIN! Easily the best race of my life. Ever. Rowing, Running, Biking... Guess that only make sense, but I was really on from start to finish.

2nd Place Sport SS Stoney XC (NORBA)
I only needed to finish 4th or better. I kept attacking the leader, but I eventually let him go. Felt a little weak for that, but I raced a good strategic race none-the-less.

NORBA Sport SS Series Champion
I managed enough high finishes in the NORBA series to take the Series Championship. I'm proud of it, even if it is sport class. I wanted to achieve some modicum of success before I get thrown to the wolves in the expert class next year.

24th Place Single speed Iceman Cometh
My second Iceman. Much better than the first. And, oh, the hangover... ;)

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