Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Death by....

...1,000 electrocutions!

I think most people experience and increase in electrostatic shocks in the winter. Something about the dry air, etc... But I'm really beginning to think I'm a distant cousin of Powder...

I can get a shock off of anything. If I pass too close to the metal corner beads that they use to protect corners made of drywall, I'll get a shock (note I said pass closely, not touch..) I commonly get shocked as I put my hands under the faucet, not from the metal faucet, but the stream of water. There's a bare metal spot on the edge of my desk. If I rest my bare arm on it and move my feet, I'll feel a continuous current from my arm to the desk. I've been shocked in my ear from the telephone handset. And the piece de resistance? I've been shocked by a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!

You might thing i'm making this stuff up. I WISH.

I used to receive such strong shocks from my last car as I went to close the door (that car had cloth seats) that I developed an avoidance to touching the car door. My hand would actually involuntarily recoil as I reached to close the door!

My current nemesis is the printer at work. It's very Office Space. But instead of "PC Load letter", this damn thing is trying to kill me, one shock at a time. Pretty soon I'll be using one of those grabber things to retrieve my print jobs! Gosh I love this place...



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