Monday, January 29, 2007

When ya gotta go...

Man do I look forward to these rides each week. Time to get out, forget everything else, and just deal with the weather, and the road in front of you.

Did about 21 miles in an hour fourty. Good group of 11 riders. Temp at ride time was about 19 degrees. There wasn't much of a wind, so I wouldn't put the wind chill at much lower than that. As always, Robert guided us through the streets of Royal Oak, Berkley, and Birmingham. I was prepared with Hammer Gel and Sport Beans, though getting time to eat or drink was a little tough. The sketchy road conditions required both hands on the bars and a lot of concentration, so I could only grab food or drink at a stoplight. And then I had to do it quickly to get the gloves back on before the group took off. One of these days I'll figure out this calorie thing and actually have enough stores to finish a silly little 2 hour ride without feeling peckish.. :D

And a big thanks to the group for waiting during my little 'pit stop'. Boy did I have to go. As if the cold and ice and wind weren't bad enough, I had to put up with significant bladder discomfort for the first 45 minutes of the ride.. Finally I asked Robert to point out a good stopping point and he had the group do a little lap so that I wouldn't get dropped.

So I'm 100 miles up on my training from last year. And I'm gaining every day. Starting Wednesday I'll be riding from work in Troy to the meeting place at 13 and Crooks to tack on some extra miles!



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