Friday, February 23, 2007

Who the hell do they think they are?!?!

The New York Times and other news sources have reported recently that the Iraqi Insurgents have been making coordinated, purposeful efforts to bring down coalition aircraft, and that these helicopters haven't just been falling out of the sky on their own. Whew, well that's a relief... But, wait... does that mean... THEY'RE SHOOTING AT US?!?! Who the F@#k do they think they are??

Please pardon me. I'm certainly not a very politically minded person, nor would I consider myself a satirist, but when I heard this the other day it just boggled my mind. I mean, aren't we at war? Isn't the point of war to try to cripple the other guy's ability to make war against you? Don't we have one of the world's greatest air forces, well renowned for their ability to stop a fight before it starts? Wouldn't you start there?

Perhaps I'm missing something. Now I'm sure not all of the downed helicopters of late have been of the Apache variety with the big ol' guns and missiles, but they were moving US troops somewhere to do something that was probly going to end up getting insurgents killed or captured, so, is it really news that they we've discovered that they're shooting at us. On purpose. With real weapons.

I'm certainly not condoning the action. I'd rather that no one was over there shooting at anyone else. I guess I shouldn't be shocked that we find it newsworthy that we've managed to turn up REAL DOCUMENTS to prove that the insurgents are targeting US aircraft. It's a hell of a lot better than finding NO PROOF WHAT-SO-EVER of the WMD's that got us into this mess in the first place (that is if you choose to believe the White House's line... We all know Little G just had to show Big G that he wears big boy pants now by finally removing Saddam from power).

So, please, if you have more insight into this than I, feel free to share. Again, I wouldn't put it past myself to have missed some glaringly obvious reason why this is news. I mean, sure, the helicopters could be just falling out of the sky on their own. But, wouldn't that be more remarkable?



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