Thursday, August 07, 2008


So, I went the whole month of July without a post? That sucks.

That's just pretty much the state of my riding life. And life in general. Not much going on.

I did help Paula move out to Philly a couple weeks ago. That was an adventure. Late night bus ride followed by a day long drive in the moving van, and then a day of unpacking. We did get a couple of nice rides in, though. She's a few miles from a really nice park with some sweet, rocky trails. And right at the end of her block is a path that goes from downtown Philly out to Vally Forge. We headed out to Vally Forge on Sunday and got our history lesson for the month!

Apart from that I have managed to get out to Palos a couple times. Once with teammate Greg, and another by myself. I've still got to figure out all the trails out there. I keep riding the same short loops...

After a year and a half in Chicago, Today I finally caught my first sunrise over Lake Michigan. It was pretty spectacular. Scott and I have managed to meet up two whole mornings this week. Might try to make it a regular thing until he leaves. I feel like I have to start the whole 'base miles' process over for 'cross season.

So, that's it for now. Pretty lame I know, but isn't that the soupy you've come to know and love?


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