Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The most wonderful time of year!

'Cross practice started in earnest this week. Parker and I hit Horner Park at 6am (what the hell is wrong with me!?) for some intervals. I learned that not only am I out of shape but my technique has gone out the window!

Tonight, I hit up the wednesday night practice put on by the Pony Shop guys. This is always a good time, with some great riders to share their expertise to those that need. After about 30 minutes of general barrier practice and warm up we did some race starts going all out for 1 lap, and finished up with a 20 minute tempo ride. My re-mounts are still all over the place, but getting better.

Three Weeks Away!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Wed. night practices are great! Keep coming out.

4/9/08 4:27 PM  

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