Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

I should have my head examined.

I got up this morning and gathered all my riding clothes for tonight's WRCS#34. Somehow it has yet to register that temps are in the negative number BEFORE wind-chill is factored in. I was almost saved by the fact that some of my clothes were still in the washer, but it was all the lycra stuff that could be dried in a few minutes in the drier... So I'm still in.

In preparation, I finally picked up one of these. It makes me look like a ninja. Would a ninja ride a pink bike? A really fast one would.

Last night was Super Bowl XLI. Went to my buddy Mike's house to watch the game with about 40 or so other people on his 120" diag. HD Projection TV! I was generally rooting for the Bears b/c Brian Griese (Michigan Alum) is the backup QB, and because they were the underdogs. Things were looking great only 14 seconds in when the Bears ran back the opening kickoff for a TD, but the Colts won out in the end. It came down to the more solid, consistent QB'ing of Peyton Manning. But it's all good. The food and drink was good, and the company was excellent. The game was just background noise.

So, this morning I'm back at work, exhausted, after another busy weekend of snowboarding, house cleaning, and partying. Hope y'all had good weekends too!



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