Sunday, February 18, 2007

Now that's racin'!!

Now, I'm not normally a big NASCAR fan... (a classic opening line... ;) )

But, Ho-lee-crap.. Did you see that race?? I'm sorry, but when the race goes into extra laps, the winner comes from 6th place in the outside lane to win by 2 hundredths of a second as the field disintegrates behind them and the 18th place car crosses the finish on its roof and on FIRE, you've got a hell of a show!

I think NASCAR is really starting to get it right. The on screen graphics help keep the uninitiated on top of what's going on, and the announcers do a great job of educating and describing to the viewers some of the subtleties and chess matches that are going on and what to pay attention to.

Man, I'm pooped.. Didn't really do anything today. I dug up some old vintage cameras I've got in an attempt to rehab one to use as a daily shooter for my other site. That was largely a waste of time as none of those cameras was really able to be resurrected. Anyone out there got an old Canonet QL17 they'd like to get rid of? :D

Now, about that kooky Britney Spears....


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