Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Holy Crap

I have no words for what the last 5 days or so have been like. It's been busy, miserable, painfull... ok, so I lied about the no words bit.

Without getting into too much detail about work matters, lets just say that if shit rolls downhill, then someone up there just took a massive dump! I know my experience isn't unique, but some idiots went and put out a crappy document, didn't make sure that there was support available for the procedures outlined in the document, worded it as though their 3rd grader had written it, and then didn't bother to let us (you know, the ones who were gonna catch hell when the fit hit the shan) that it was even being released! So we've been playing catchup for the past 5 days. And they keep piling on.

The only respite was this weekend when I get to escape to my part time job teaching snowboarding at Pine Knob. It was a pretty good weekend. Made some decent money. Then, in the waning hours Sunday, as I was practicing my switch riding on the quarter mile run, I got a little laze and caught my heel edge. I went down HARD!! There was a moment when I was sure I'd broke something. Turns out the only serious injury was too my pride. And it made returning to work Monday no fun either. To add insult to injury (literally) half our systems went down Monday morning (again, due to a planed network change that no one bothered to inform us of) which required getting up from my desk all day. Sitting was the only thing that felt good. Getting up and down did not make me happy..

And to top it all off, I may have lost a good friend forever. I'm still a little in shock over that.

I hate February...



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